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Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm having a really hard time right now. Funny how the other day I said I was on top of my game and now I came crashing down. I guess you're my therapy for now, journal. You are the canvas of which I paint the colours of my world.

So yeah anyway, I went to my friend's function for a charity cause and alot of familiar faces from the chinese ch2030 trip were there. It was nice least a nice excuse to dress nicely once in awhile.

I met some really nice people, but there was this one girl in particular that's got my memory wrapped so warm around me. We actually didn't talk much on the dinner table but by chance my friend asked me to drive her home so I managed to get to know her more in the car. That night drive felt like a ride across my inner depths of hollow emotions that I haven't felt in awhile. Even til now I feel so bland going back to where I am in comparison with her company on that night.

Oh yeah, fucking hell if that wasn't bad enough, I got a souvenier from that monstrous chinese 10-course dinner: a stomach flu that lasted even till now. If my memory of her cannot be shaken up to this point, hell it sure helps to shake this fucking aching pain thats been torturing me this weekend. I need to get back to studying and I feel so weak and disoriented its not even funny. For example the one day I felt the flu right after the meal, I lost my entire appetite and didnt eat anything for 24hours.

I think maybe they're interlinked? Cure the stomach flu = cure the hopeless mind. hahahah

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hellooo world

Sunday, May 11, 2008

hey journal, long time no speak. I have to say as of late life has been treating me rather good. Why? I don't know; I just stop feeling so anxious and chasing after things that aren't possible at the moment. More or less as you can a laissze-faire atitude right now.

I joined AIESEC club at york, and I have to say I'm not totally fond with it but i do like it as a vehicle to meet new and interesting people and some professionals out in the field. The problem is that its so pretentious in the way members take themselves so seriously. How do I define it? Well..its just the matter of how people pretend to act within a corporate boardroom and they try so hard to mimick themselves to be "professional" whiile ignoring simple values of how to treat each other. Just simple things in terms of being kind, listening to others before speaking, thinking before you act, and owing up to what you say...all under the disguise of corporate wishwash vocabulary and fancy dresshirts. I guess I'm more of a down-to-earth person; always will be, so thats why it turns me off in a way. Thats not to say I haven't met interesting people; I have. But I want to be surrounded by grounded and good natured people. Always.

The summer has been rather busy this year; I set up my own domain at for a side project I'm doing as an HR blog/website that will help give basic tips and insights on students looking for a job. I still miss China alot since last far as my Singapore interview disaster, I've grown stronger from it. i mean, if I can fail that interview, then every other one here on out won't really matter as much. I approach every interview with a sense of confidence because I'm no longer afraid of failing anymore. I've been there before.

I got my grades back except for one course. Grand total this year of 4 C+'s and 1 B, 1B+. Kind of sucks, but it'll have to do. I did alot better in HR but I screwed really hard in Finance. Went in with a 75 and ceme out with a 60 in the final exam. Averaged to be a C+. Schucks!

Until next time.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

its been a long time since I used this because it just kind of collected dust in the past couple of days. I've been pretty busy trying to balance everything and yesterday I just hit a complete wall trying to handle it all.

yesterday was by the worst experience I've had in wahile. a true testament to what i could really endure as person and human being. i sometimes wonder if angels above me can hear me cry from what really goes on.

two of the biggest important tests were sandwhiched in between with a 20minute interval. one was an important internship interview to singapore and the other was a 50% midterm for human resources. i don't know what kind of sick joke was played for this but i accepted the odds given to me because i felt it was something really important. to me at least. and i ended up failing both.

the interview was just so crude. i really didn't feel like it was true representation of what kind of person i was. it just wasn't fair given that my priorities had shed between two things and i was kind enough to ask every possible angle to see what kind of questions they asked. none of my friends had any questions or advice that was relevant. the interview ended with them telling me that in the meantime, "you can call me to discuss about possible interview tips".

that was so cold hearted.

i couldn't even bother to continue going into the hr exam, which was a complete disaster. not only did the professor disrupt us 8 times in total, but the questions had grammar problems and were extremely broad in context. what a poorly planned testing instrument.

the finance class at the end of the day i didnt even go to.

i can't stand the look reflecting back at the mirror sometimes. i really hate it. i tried so hard for everything and it never seems to leave me alone that the fact of the matter is my own destiny was doomed from the start. the opportunities that ive always fought and tried for never held any truth, and the failures have never made me stronger but only jeprodize and taken away time spent that couldve been used to strengthen all the simple things in life. but my failures left me to continue to dream and take risks. and those continued to make me lose out more than i had begun.

i wonder if ill ever be forgiven.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

fuck andrew, how come you're such a failure

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Monday, June 11, 2007

China is awesome.

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A moment of clarity.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm sorry journal, I've tried very hard to look well beyond the bright side but I just want you to spare me some mercy for this time alone. I know, days of depression and emo is behind me, and I know I'm committed a felony for revealing this to you. I just need this moment alone to gather my thoughts out and speak whats inside.

Okay, lets break it down in laymans terms. I'm upset. Very upset. I got my marks back and it turns out I totally flopped on ADMS 1010 with a D+. Sound familiar? That was my Marketing too. First time around was a mistake, second time is not acceptable.

And it shouldn't, which is why I'm upset. I've made all preparations beforehand and studied really hard, booking off two weeks of work before the exam and setting a scheduled time everyday to revert back and forth every hour with ADMS 1010 and 2400 (which I got a B+ in, still does not cheer me up an ounce). Needless to say, I thought I learned my lesson.

Which begs this question: I worked to my potential, and the reflection I got was a D+? You're telling me, that my highest, utmost ceiling I can reach is a D+?

I've never doubted my potential so much.

And I observe. I observe all the beautiful people at the schulich school of business and highly successful atkinson students (props to you homiez too, I got your back) and it paints more and more of a picture of how much of a gap I am between the elite and those that play second fiddle. Am I simply stupid? I can't understand it. I knew the material; and I choked. I choked real hard on the exam.

I can't stop feeling ugly inside. I fucking know I could've done it man. I could've done it. I've spent so long trying to refocus myself at work when I found out about my marks and I started to lose a sense of confidence.

Psst...want to hear a secret? I'm very afraid of my future.

I hope everything turns out alright. I need to hear that sometimes.

EDIT: Posted a new song. Lyrics made no sense and no relevance. But I like John Mayer. Besides, Jay Chou isn't going to let me grasp the situation any better.

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Stupid Vince Carter

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Raptors lost the last game in the playoff series 97-98. Fuck VC, I hate his guts. I'll say this and say it again, VC will never become a winner as long as he mails it in when the outcome is not good.

Yes, I bought my pumas. Cost me 100 but those sons of bitches were worth it. I think my summer shopping has now been fulfilled, everything else will now be just gravy.

Going to Shanghai soon on May 18th. SO far I've got these people to remember on the trip:

Jennifer H
Annie Luu

I think thats about it. So much for shopping, I guess that leaves me out of the equation.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

"Another sunny day in Californ-I-A
I'm sure back home they'd love to see it
But they don't know what you love is ripped away
Before you get a chance to feel it"

- Yellowcard, "Back Home"

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

EXAMS ARE DONE!! Finally. I got so angry at myself for doing so poorly on the ADMS 1010 exam though. I choked, big time. I knew so much going and I panicked so hard because I waited outside the exam location for so long. During that time I heard this annoying bastard ask a gazillion questions about what he should or shouldn't have studied and it made me all insecure.

It took a day or two to get me stress-free cause I studied so hard. I mean, I definitely didn't fail but it sure didn't look like B material either. Which I was aiming for. The other two exams went smooth as butter, shouldn't have a problem with that

On to other stuff. Spring/summer is coming around..that means I gotta go shopping for new stuff to wear again. More or less a habit to do it once before the season hits. It bothers me about this time around because theres so much I want to buy but I've heard too much hype about going to shanghai and its shopping and whatnot that I gotta reserve judgment.

I heard things are cheaper over there, but theres some specific things that caught my eye here that I'm afraid might not be there when I come back, so shanghai better have em:

- A pair of red shoes, retro adidas. Although I saw a pair of pumas today that totally blew my mind.

- A zip hoodie. My white one is getting tarnished, its the only one I have.

- New backpack. This current one that I have has the plastic buckles keep swinging around. Its gonna hit someone in the face one day.

- A pair of jeans. Dark tone sandblasted blue, loose fit, straight leg. I saw a ton at bluenotes, tempting cause the only blue pair i have at home is wideleg. I think i'm retiring that pair, its seen its days.

thats about it.

goddammit you knwo what, I'm gonna get those pumas.

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1 down, 2 to go.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dammit, I totally lost my studying groove and motivation after I received a call from discount car and trunk rental. They needed a grunt this summer to wash cars, pick up clients, and so forth. I really wanted the job but I had to turn it down because I was going to Shanghai this summer.

Turning down jobs? I can't afford do that, but I went too far deep into Shanghai plans now so I had to sacrifice it. Made me feel all dirty inside.

So now I'm mindlessly sitting here, staring at my textbook. I did have a productive morning but I lost the groove and now I'm just not motivated to continue. Urgh...but the good news is that I'm almost done my studies. I got two more exams at the end of this week. Finished my NATS 1700 (THANK GOD, DAMN YOU TO HELL YOU STUPID PROFESSOR) and it went off without a hitch.

THEN I gotta work like crazy in the next couple of weeks to fund my empty bank account. I also want to go to the AIESEC meeting and see what the hoopla is about, plus some arrangements with the Rotary club. Might try to go for the exec position.

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Tired hands and sore feet

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm almost there! Just hanging on a thread of effort and life, trying to regurgitate as many assignments as I can. The exam time is coming around, and so are due dates. I just finished one of my courses' final exam, so that shaves a little bit of relief. Frankly I don't think it was top notch but it was the best I can do considering the circumstances I had.

I'm eagerly waiting to finalize things for the chinese summer exchange but I haven't got around to doing it. There has been way too many distractions. Not to mention my bank account has been dying at a extremely fast rate, due to the fact that I took days off to finish my school work. I usually keep a balance somewhere above 2000, but I'm starting to hit triple digits now due to the funding thats going towards the trip. I have to muster up 500, another 600, and probably another 500 for tuition. My god, I'm one broke ass motherfugga.

So I decided to join another club aside from Rotaract (Oh by the way, the date auction was a success! $1400 raised for the campaign, thats 400 above the expected total mark). I decided to become an AIESEC member after much deliberation. Its a leadership club that spans across the world with notable alumni like the prime minister of Japan and so forth. The most fortunate ones get to go on a global internship exchange funded by AIESEC as well.

One thing that bothers me is that its a well known club with large amounts of business student members. It always makes me uncomfortable to follow herds of people, especially if they're business students. But I'm sold on it being legitimate. Besides, if it sucks then I can always that OTHER club..*ahem*.

Am I insane? I have yet to fully focus on my school work yet I'm wasting time with stupid charity campaigns and such. Not to mention robotics. I think more and more of my social life has been subdued into york-related activities as well. Next thing you know, I'll be attending a ceremony to get a circumcision for the sake of "charity".

I am such a sucker.

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"..and I want to ride it all night long"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yes, finalized the sale of the shanghai ticket! I'll be going in May the 18th. It was a runaway bargain too..cost 1000 dollars flat, taxes already included, and with Air Canada. Somehow Professor Xu managed to strike a bargain with the travel agency, so we all rushed to buy the ticket. I actually wanted to go to Hong Kong as well, especially since my classmate Justin is going. But I was hesitant to ask if he would lend me a place to stay, cause to be honest, that would be the only way for me to go. I'm not well financed, and spending money on hotel accomdations just isnt my thing. Besides, I don't think its right for me to freeload off of him like that.

Can't wait. I'll be back around June 17th, so I won't be missing out too much from Summer festivities in Toronto. Oh and Edgefest 07 might be headlined by My Chemical Romance! Awesome. I also want to organize something this year with Van for us to go to an actual beach like wasaga or something. Hopefully this summer I'll get my G license and we'll be ready to go.

Am I the only human being on the face of the planet who HASN'T seen 300 yet? I really have to find a way to see it. Actually, this summer looks like a good season for the boxoffice: Transformers, Spiderman 3, Pirates of Carribean 3..I'm sure theres more but I haven't really followed movies for a long time. The last movie I saw I think was..Cars? And that was last summer.

Speaking of Cars, I ran across an old song off of its soundtrack called "Life is a Highway" by country band Rascal Flatts. I know Tom Cochrane did the original, but the newer cover is in better quality. I think its a nice song to jumpstart the season anyway.

Oh and just a shoutout for all the YorkU HoMIeZzZ, courtesy of the Rotaract club I'm volunteering with. Come show your support for homeless shelter across Canada. If we get more than 100 people, then the profits won't go to any expense of the pub. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

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Please insert 2 coins.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

FINALLY. I can now say I've reached a point in my street fighter training that I can actually....not lose with embarassment! Seriously, kicked some scrub ass in the last couple of weeks.

I don't know what it is. I'm not as easily fazed from the fast-pace and the HCF kick from Ryu is executing well to the point where I can cancel into it. I'm even able to air-parry (at least for a bit). Can't throw properly for beans though.

In other news, last week on Wednesday I went down for a group interview for this field marketing job. Y'know..the people who hand out samples during product exposure events. It was one of the more interesting interviews I had. Before going down, they asked each candidate to bring an item that reflects them. So what Mr.Andrew Trac bring for the interview? A bottle of Heinz Ketchup..bitch.

The interview was very uncanny and modern. They gave us forms and asked us random questions and even told us to interview each other. Oh, and they wanted us to describe the product we had too. I talked about the Ketchup and told them it brought "eccentric and tangy flavour..and plays a good team role at accompanying any dish". I also said because of its fluid nature, it was easily able to adapt to any situation it was poured into. Man, oh man, I felt as if there was a standing ovation of laughter when I said it. For sure at that time I felt it was in the bag. In fact, after the interview I met up with a few guys and they told me how impressed they were.

Yet apparently I didn't impress them enough to get the job. I added the same guys from the interview on facebook and they said they got the call early this week. I didn't receive jack, and if I did, the HR director said I'd be expecting one early this week like they did. Damn, that sucks. I was dissapointed when I found out because I felt like I rocked their shits off with the ketchup, honestly. Oh well...they're gonna regret it.

Besides, I don't think they would've been happy if I told them I was going to shanghai for a month anyway.

It's all ending
I gotta stop pretending who we are...
You and me I can see us dying...are we?
- No Doubt, "Don't Speak"

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If excitment can be available at Costco, I'd buy 12 packs of it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

So I went to Waterloo this past weekend to visit Van and his friends. I didn't really plan on going. In fact, the conversation went a little like this:

Van: Hey Sup Andrew...I'm in Waterloo..Sup Bro
Andrew: Oh just wondering if you were available
Van: Sorry, not tonight. I got a party to head to.
Andrew: Sounds like fun. Wish I could be there.
Van: Lol, just greyhound up here for the evening.
Andrew: Uh........okay.

And that was it. Keep in mind, at the age of 19, I STILL haven't used the greyhound or paid for the taxi. I never found a need for it until saturday. I asked mom and dad and they were surprisingly lenient about it. In fact prior to asking I anticipated I would have to give Van the bad news about not being able to go.

So in Waterloo, I went to his stoplight party which is where you wear a coloured collar to signify your status. Red for taken, yellow for unsure, green for looking, and blue for desparate. I took the green and went in. The dress code was hawaiian theme so everyone went rocking hollister t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, everything that goes against conventional wisdom about WINTER. But the ambience ended up pretty nicely, with inflatable palm trees and such.

It went off to a slow start but it ended up being pretty fun, met some cool people too. The common complaint was that the DJ was a total dipshit and played songs that were appealing to the local cracker jacks. His selection wasn't so bad midway but close to the last hour at 2am it started to really show how bad he was at closing his set.

Van was cool beans the entire time. I felt bad that heeven paid for the accomdation (food, transport, dorm shelter, etc.). Good night out, last time I slept over at a friend's place was..grade 8?

And now I'm back in Toronto and everything seems to look like shades of gray all over again. Waterloo knows how to party it up compared to york for sure, but I think a big reason why it also seemed like such a good event was because I haven't gone to something like that in awhile. The last party event was AF's semi-formal didn't come out like I expected. After coming back, I feel alittle disoriented about Toront's lifestyle.

I'll definitely go back up for sure, but not for another month or so, maybe even longer. Its too dangerous to go up during school, I can't afford to come back and learning to adjust to being plain jane.

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"I might as well enjoy my life and watch the stars play"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Man don't you just hate it when people raise they're hands in class and make smart ass comments about something they have absolutely no idea about? Damn. Its one thing to annoy the classroom, but dude you're sitting in front of me, looking at ASIAN PIN-UP MODELS on your laptop.

I know, don't ask. He's sitting in front of me. I can't help it. Its hard to throw an intro into these posts.

If the computer is a miracle technology, then the printer must've been its damned cousin. I don't have a printer at home so I had to print my essay for this class at the last minute and its horrific trying to get through the pestering line only to find out that you printed 10 pages wrong. Someone thought it'd be a wise idea to leave the word settings to have a header and footer on my assignment. Urgh.

So reading week has come and gone and I've accomplished about 3/4 of what was intended. I started most of it on reading week but it was only on this week I finished it. Hey, cut me some slack alright? I had a heavy week. Speaking of which, I attended this Toronto Board of Trade meet and greet gathering with some business professionals across the city. What a bunch of stiffs. Some are cool, some were tolerant, and then there was these total dickheads that look at you as if you're in your diapers once you tell them you're 19. I just wanted to score an internship opportunity.

I studied pretty hard within these past 3 days to prepare for this morning's chinese test. The only thought I had in my entire head was shanghai, shanghai, and shanghai. I had to do good enough to get a B in that course in order to go overseas this summer. So today when I went in to do the test I felt really confident.

Maybe alittle too confident actually, cause today the first thing I got when I went to class was the Shanghai 2007 summer trip details. I scanned through it briefly trying to find the juicy bits like attractions, food, things to do, etc. And when I finally got down to the price, I suddenly felt the need to start slacking again. On paper, it says it costs 2,700. That wouldn't be so bad if it didn't say in the cute little brackets beside it said "Excluding tuition". WTF, thanks for letting us know.

My prof is talking about social networking sites now...and among them is myspace and "bookface". Good job look like you're 20 years younger already. He's even asking us to discuss about our profiles. This is by far the most ridiculous discussion...if any hands were to go up.

So Asian Focus semi-formal is coming this Saturday. I think I just about got everything ready. I bought a new suit jacket and I'm just missing a belt. I promised Haniyyah I would'nt wear the white suit..something tells me it was a good decision. But in reality she didnt actually need to remind me..I already KNOW that suit should be retired.

Hmmm...maybe I should check out some concert listings for this summer.

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Facebook won't leave me alone :(

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I'm sitting in class at the moment, trying real hard to concentrate...on the raptors scoreboard on my computer. I sit here with a select few prisoners who are doomed to listen to this polish man in front speak mindlessly about things that have absolute no interest. I bet he eats rice and veggies all day, not really a guy who likes to spice things up.

Anyways I checked out facebook today and I noticed a change on how they tag photos. Instead of putting a giant box frame over the face, they have little names pop up when you roll over an indicated area. It was funny cause I wrote a message to them on the 'suggestions' part of the site a few days ago and asked that they change how the box thing works, cause in giant groups of people in pictures, I have no idea where the hell that box would indicate a face would be.

Happened again before when I suggested to allow facebook groups have pictures. Maybe I should suggest one day that they change the front page of facebook and put up random buttcracks from people on facebook for the helluvit.

Tight game so far..Raps tied with Magic at 52-52.

So yeah, I'm still on the health diet. Yes, continue to roll your eyes, but my digestion system has been so intoxicated from all the years I ate crap. Its working really well, but alittle longer than expected. Plus the herablist told me not to eat so much carbs which includes rice. Maybe she didn't notice I had slanted eyes.

Can you imagine me telling my family I can't eat rice for the reasons that a woman gave me? I think mom would drive a dragon kick straight into my face.

I've been maxing out my productivity as much as I can hold out this week. There are three essays due when I come back from reading week, plus a chinese test that I HAVE to score well, or else I won't get the B to go to the shanghai trip this summer.

Man, I really want to go to Shanghai.

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"It won't be long til happiness steps up to greet me"

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

On Sunday I went out to this conference at downtown's Holiday Inn on front street to see a handful of people from the book industry. Apparently the bookstore sent me out on a mission because the conference needed a student delegate panel. The industry insiders wanted to know the buying habits of students so they can sucker more of them into buying useless crap like Ryerson/UofT/York bum pants.

Aside from myself, there was about..I don't know, another 5 students from different universities with me. It went okay I presume..nothing crazy, except I said somethings at the time make you go "hmm...". For example, when someone posed a question in front of the panel about the selection of goods we have here at york, I told them we had things from shot-glasses to hoodies.

I guess that removed any doubts about me being an alcoholic.

I'm going to be honest..I hate wearing collared shirts underneath sweaters. I think it looks nerdy and whack, but I have no choice since today is Summer Job Fair day. Perhaps I'm being a little to self-conscious but it doesnt hurt to look better for once. I've already sent a resume to one of the companies..I'm just hoping they get back to me.

I got about 3 papers and a test waiting for me after reading week. about out of the frying pan and into the fire. I decided to set my priorities straight and skip this week of my work schedule. I haven't started on any of those assignments with the exception of some research for my NATS paper..and that essay was assigned at the beginning of the year. I might as well bend over and take it.

Oh and check out something I found under On Rotation. Its Ben Folds Five doing Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. Its one of those songs that kept playing in my head ever since the simpsons but I never paid attention to listening to it since.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

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"Its a dick in a box!"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

If anyone bothered to notice, I changed the layout a bit because the glasses didnt blend properly. I didnt even notice because my monitor at home displayed the two shades of white fine, but when I used my laptop at work to study it exposed it like a celebrity makeover. Figured I did a crap job so I fixed it.

Lemme just say that the Internet is a horrible thing that makes me waste time. Period. Its so hypocritical for me to say it on an internet blog of all places. Its so bad that attempting to make good use of my time now has become more and more a chore. It shouldn't be though, considering I got 1093840198340498 things to do.

For example, my friggin guitar. Goddammit, its impossible to tame this beast. I'm even considering on breaking loose my joints so it can properly finger the chords. Oh man, if only I could invest some proper time into it.

I've been trying to come up with ideas on writing an article with the University newspaper, The Excalibur. Of course, nobody really reads such trash nowindays but I figured it might as well be a badge of honour for something. Plus I actually kinda do like to write. I ran a list of possible ideas and they either suck and have nothing interesting, or something that I could get myself in serious shit for. Like explaining how books are so expensive, since I can't resist slapping ignorant people everytime they complain. But my bosses wouldn't let me write it and for a good reason, its nobody's business but theirs.

I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice for my humanities class and its actually not that bad, save for alot of tedious parts of the novel where they talk endlessly about so-and-so's opinion about the environment and how Mr.XYZ skipped along the plains to someone's house. Maybe its just my patience; no wonder I'm not an avid reader.

Has anyone ever read theRomance of The Three Kingdoms? I'm thinking about buying that after I finish my current book. I've always been a fan of chinese mythology.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm sorry, I need to confess that I'm totally pathetic at Street Fighter. Its one thing to be horrible at playing it, but I found that after a couple of months playing I had to actually fight myself to stop going back. Just now after class, I hit the arcade at 9:30pm just to play. I'm addicted to getting my ass beat. Its just something about the way that the animations clash on screen and how I think everytime theres a potential for me to win. And then I get my ass whooped. And I'm 50 cents short. And I stand up and walk aside and let someone who I KNOW sucks at life and has his name in four letters show me how its done. Pathetic.

Of course, I try to make progress. I'm trying to do air-parry for example and I've learned how to throw properly, but I'll be damned at this rate I'll be going anywhere. Maybe if I stop carrying around loose change I'll be better off. I think I'm going to call this a loose change syndrome.

And now on to other things. I came home and I spot a UofT envelope on the table. I open and see that it told me that that they weren't accepting me. Well goodness, they didn't even have to wait to recieve my supplementary form to say that I was stupid. So much for the sake of trying, I hope my application fee was worth it you blue-ballers. I guess thats an indication I won't be going anywhere soon.

Honestly sometimes I wonder how things would've been much better if I was on the other side of the fence. If I managed to transfer to Mackenzie instead of Emery from Humber Summit like my sister did. If I managed to stay a year behind and get marks for schulich. If I managed to stay healthy from the get-go instead of being so decrepit in my life now. We'll have to see, but hopefully theres promise here on out. Not much to say, but there is. Or at least I'll make one.

For example, I've been told I had nice hair. Thats..uh..a start.

Oh, and I made a couple of new year resolutions that I try to keep. Like say go and do some reading on my spare time and study more often rather than spend time with games. And eat more healthy and exercise. Also stop attempting conversation with stupid people. I think I violated the last one considering I work in customer service, which automatically means I have to start conversation. I think the studying is up to par so terms of reading I'm open for suggestions. I'm thinking about buying the sherlock holmes set or romance of the three kingdoms. Theres this other book I recently bought thats title "The curious incident of the dog in the nightime" that narratives in first person through a mentally challenged 15-year old. Awesome.

Thats it for now. Way too much random stuff to write down but I'll save it for later on.

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Theres the pitch, slow and straight, all I have to do is swing and I'm a hero.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Finally got around to actually updating this old thing. Partly because I kinda missed writing random banter and partly because my friend fuelled me to brush off some dust. You're either gonna love it or hate it this time, I know the colour of this layout really throws people off. Its because I drew inspiration from the green album from weezer, which topped my favourite band of all time right next to Rage Against the Machine. I liked them alot when I first heard their song, Hashpipe, but I didnt really think they were hot shit until I downloaded all their albums recently.

Hashpipe was actually the first rock song that made me like rock, since I was such a bubblegum pop listener when I started middle school (I think I was 11 or 12 at the time). Theres a youtube preformance somewhere on the page with it.

Holy shit dudes, I'm becoming more white than ever before.

Maybe I should employ Tommy's technique and try to use this as an outlet to practice chinese more instead of spewing random bullshit all the time.

Anyways, so alot has happened since I last blogged. I've been through the holidays at Montreal and Toronto. Montreal must be french for Awesome, I had quite a blast. Had some REAL fucking turkey dinner up there, never thought I'd eat so great in my entire life. But theres one thing that I keep talking about with everyone when they ask me about my time up there. Y'know, one of the strangest things is that on Boxing day, they open doors at 12pm. Yeah. 12pm. Isn't that nuts compared to Toronto? We rushed there around 9-10am and my cousin's quote basically summed it all up:

"12PM?! Whats the fucking rush?!..geez"

Phil, you crack me up.

I'll put anothe entry later on. I gotta hurry and finish scripting this site so I can go back to studying.

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